Makers of nets


We retail sell most of the materials and hardware we use to make our top quality nets and fishing gear

buoys, lines, rope, twine, thread, sheet netting



delta mesh : mesh without knots, made by a through-weaving process, and with varied shape openings (six-sided polygonal, semi circular, oval, or elongated) depending on type, manufacturer and size of openings. Colour: white.

foam core line: rope woven around a foam material allowing the line to float at the surface. Different grades and floatability are available.

hanging (percentage of) : Fishing nets are usually hung on lines with a density of 50% to 66% (i.e. the number of meshes per inch is such that when hung the mesh is stretched at 50% to 66% of its maximum). The standard is 50%, but other values are used for some specific uses (for example, 8-inch mesh multi gill nets for sturgeons have 25% hanging).

knotless nylon: a continuous weaving process leading to a flat sheet without any knots (as opposed to gill nets).

lead core line: rope woven around a string of lead beads giving it extra weight for sinking. Different grades and weights are available.

mesh size: Basic weaving unit in net sheeting. In Canada and Europe, mesh size is measured in a stretched position (holding two opposite corners and pulling until mesh is flat; if mesh has knots, include only one knot in measurement). In the USA, mesh size is often measured on a side. Thus, a 2-inch mesh (stretched) in Canada may be given as a 1-inch mesh (one side) in the USA.  ALL MESH SIZES IN THIS WEBSITE ARE GIVEN AS STRETCHED MEASUREMENTS.

monofilament  (or mono) : single thread mesh. Meshes defined by knots. Monofilament nets are not easily seen by fish underwater and are therefore quite efficient.

multifilament (or multi) : thread made of several monofilament strands twisted together and knotted. Colour, white, but can be tinted green to reduce visibility under water.

Nitex : made by SEFAR, Nitex ® is a highly specialized square-mesh nylon monofilament fabric, characterized by precisely defined and controlled, consistent and repeatable material properties such as pore size (mesh), thickness, tensile strength, dimensional stability, cleanliness and others. Used for precision filtration.

oval mesh : weaving gives oval openings, 3/16 x 1/8 inch. Accepted standard for juvenile eel seines in Atlantic Canada. Black or white.

square mesh: most commonly used mesh for a variety of applications; square mesh sheets have regular and straight openings and hang flat.